Private Beach

Guests wishing to enjoy lazing away at a private beach are whisked away on a speedboat to the nearby uninhabited island every day. You may stay in the island until 5pm at which time your transfer speedboat will be there to pick you up. Packed Buffet Lunch is provided on the island, but please request for one before departure.

Dolphin Watching

Rise early to leave at 7am on your getaway speedboat to arrive at the famous Castaways surfpoint to watch and enjoy the sight of beautiful dolphins play around in the channel.

Two Point Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a must try in the Maldives. You have to see to believe the glorious multi colored underwater gardens in the untouched reefs in the Huvadhu Atoll. You will see countless numbers of, types of, colors of underwater creatures with the usuals such as turtles, fishes and reef sharks making an appearance. The snorkeling excursion starts after breakfast, where you will be taken to 2 different locations to explore the reef inside the atoll. Once the 2 points snorkel has been completed (1 hour at each point), your lunch will be served at a nearby uninhabited island. You may return back to Faresmaathoda island at 3 pm. During the snorkeling excursion, excursion guides will assist the you.